Return to the Forest Clearing

Returning to the Forest, as mentioned in the original post, I decided to change a few things, to change the balance and point of interest… Some of the main features were rearranged to help achieve this.  I also added the large mossy rock, which along with the log are super realistic highly detailed 3d scans from Quixel Megascans
 ( ), I also added the Ram’s skull, which again is a very high resolution 3d scan from Ten24.  All of the vegetation is from New World Digital Art, Jan Walter Schliep (Walli), XFrog  and Ulco Glimmerveen.  Thanks for dropping by and taking time to view and/or comment, as these are always welcome and greatly appreciated!  Full size image link below!

Forest clearing by inkydigit
A Terragen 4 render of a forest clearing

Click here for the full size render (opens in a new tab).


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