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Fractal Selection

Some Mandelbulb excursions…

“Infinite Realities “

Full view


“Fractal Elves” (Green)

Full view

Thanks for dropping by folks!

As always your views and comments are always appreciated!


Sound of Now

A beautiful dronescape by sonic sanctuary

Frosted leaves

Full view
Full view
Full view
Full view

A Collection of Sticks

A 3d render utilising scanned objects and a procedural texture for the background…

Full view here (new window/tab)

Mossen Grove

Also here (new window/tab)

Autumn Fungi

Lichen on a twig, on a wall

Lichen on a twig

Full view here (opens in new window/tab)

Old Trike

Full view (opens in new tab/page)

3d Render/Marmoset

Fruity Loopy

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