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Frosted leaves

Full view
Full view
Full view
Full view

Mossen Grove

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Lichen on a twig, on a wall

Lichen on a twig

Full view here (opens in new window/tab)

Mossy Sunset

A little more Lichen

Another couple of shots of these beautiful, delicate lichens… they never fail to intrigue and enthral. Continue reading “A little more Lichen”

Lichen & Moss

Macro shot of lichen and moss on a hazel twig… Continue reading “Lichen & Moss”

Return to the Forest Clearing

Returning to the Forest, as mentioned in the original post, I decided to change a few things, to change the balance and point of interest… Some of the main features were rearranged to help achieve this.  I also added the large mossy rock, which along with the log are super realistic highly detailed 3d scans from Quixel Megascans
Continue reading “Return to the Forest Clearing”

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