Humpback Whale #68 “Snow”

A beautifully recreated Humpback Whale skeleton, made by digitising and reassembling all of the bones… This work was done by The Idaho Visualisation Laboratory

In July 2001, a 45 1/2 foot adult female humpback whale was found dead at the mouth of Glacier Bay after having been struck by a cruise ship. Known as Whale #68, or SNOW, this humpback was a regular visitor to Glacier Bay and was observed regularly since 1975.
The IVL was contracted by the National Park Service to digitize the skeleton before it was installed for display in the park. Each bone was digitized, then re-assembled in a computer, and now is displayed here.
If you want to learn more please follow the link below!

Breaching Whale image by Skeeze over at Pixabay


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