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February 2020

The River Killers

On the headphones today…

framework:afield, entitled ‘the river killers’, produced in the uk by david clarke, aka iamthehow. for more info see

Great podcasts here.

Imaginary Object V4

Another version testing materials.

The Shed Head

A couple of renders using a modelled bell jar, which I created with Wings3d and Blender…. Also a 3d scan of a head! All rendered with Toolbag3. The first render was not quite right, the refraction of the glass and dust/grime needed tweaking which you can see in the final render!

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The Corner Field

Photo edit for fun….

Full size here


Isometric unicursal labyrinth


Another imaginary object…

The Blue Hole

A deep space portal….

A quick doodle, created on an iPhone…. large view after the break…

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