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Aerial views in monochrome

A Terragen 4 render using new cloud shader,  Continue reading “Aerial views in monochrome”

Golden Cloud

Terragen 4 render by inkydigit
Checking out Terragen 4’s new cloud shading model (full view here)


Here I have been experimenting with the latest version of Terragen 4, utilising it’s new amazingly realistic cloud shading model, lens effects and atmospheric tweaks, not to mention the real-time ray-traced preview. Continue reading “Golden Cloud”

Aerial 167

A simple aerial view created with WorldMachine and Terragen.

Continue reading “Aerial 167”

Relic I 


Relic – A Terragen 3 render by inkydigit (full view here)

Here I have created an object using a ‘reaction diffusion’ simulation.  I was inspired by the great work of Reza Ali, Continue reading “Relic I “

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