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Two Thrush Nightingales…

A beautifully detailed recording by Fintan O’Brien

Continue reading “Two Thrush Nightingales…”

Frosted leaves

Full view
Full view
Full view
Full view

Mossen Grove

Also here (new window/tab)

Autumn Fungi

The Corner Field

Photo edit for fun….

Full size here

Mossy Sunset

A little more Lichen

Another couple of shots of these beautiful, delicate lichens… they never fail to intrigue and enthral. Continue reading “A little more Lichen”

Lichen & Moss

Macro shot of lichen and moss on a hazel twig… Continue reading “Lichen & Moss”

Dialogue of Form

Here is a proof of concept/wip shot of some of my natural objets trouvé – I intend to re-photograph these small objects both as a group and individually. Continue reading “Dialogue of Form”

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