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Two Thrush Nightingales…

A beautifully detailed recording by Fintan O’Brien

Continue reading “Two Thrush Nightingales…”

Frosted leaves

Full view
Full view
Full view
Full view

Autumn Fungi

…in the Park

another altered image…

The Corner Field

Photo edit for fun….

Full size here

Mossy Sunset

A little more Lichen

Another couple of shots of these beautiful, delicate lichens… they never fail to intrigue and enthral. Continue reading “A little more Lichen”

Lichen & Moss

Macro shot of lichen and moss on a hazel twig… Continue reading “Lichen & Moss”

Dialogue of Form

Here is a proof of concept/wip shot of some of my natural objets trouvé – I intend to re-photograph these small objects both as a group and individually. Continue reading “Dialogue of Form”

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