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A Future In Commons: A Tribute To Bassel Khartabil

I have had the honour of having one of my tracks included in a tribute album for the late Bassel Khartabil*,  the track was created in response to one of the Disquiet Junto’s weekly prrojects:   Continue reading “A Future In Commons: A Tribute To Bassel Khartabil”


Humpback Whale #68 “Snow”

A beautifully recreated Humpback Whale skeleton, made by digitising and reassembling all of the bones… This work was done by Continue reading “Humpback Whale #68 “Snow””

An Eclectic Mix…

Upfest 2017 – Will Coles a sculptor who loves his wife, carbohydrates and strong adhesives

there’s no sense owning a tamrom 90 if you don’t do honest macro

My first try with Sculptris

Reptaelian by inkydigit


‘Reptaelian’ – My first sculpted head made with Sculptris ( on my Mac, it unfortunately crashed before I could finish off the detailing, but I was quite pleased with the result, especially as I managed to render an image of it before the crash! I can see some more of these virtual clay heads and other objects appearing soon!


welcome to inkydigit’s website


Welcome to inkydigit’s website.

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