9 years of Naviar Haiku – a compilation

I am happy to share this amazing compilation that I have the honour of being included in, especially amongst some truly awesome artists!

A compilation to celebrate the 9th anniversary of the Naviar Haiku challenge, which every week invites artists to make music in response to an assigned haiku poem.

73 artists, 115 tracks, over 9 hours of music selected from the submissions Naviar received in 2022.

Participation in the Naviar Haiku challenge is free and open to all: to participate visit http://www.naviarrecords.com/about/naviar-haiku

For credits and info about the authors, visit http://www.naviarrecords.com/blog

Naviar Records is a music community and record label exploring new ways to stay creative. Join our weekly challenges, or if you wish to support us and get all the music we publish, check out our subscription programme naviarrecords.bandcamp.com/subscribe.

You can find my track here:


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