Traversing the Line

One of my recent tracks involved the Cities and Memory project…

Cities and Memory remixes the world, one sound at a time – a global collaboration between artists and sound recordists all over the world.
The project presents an amazingly-diverse array of field recordings from all over the world, but also reimagined, recomposed versions of those recordings as we go on a mission to remix the world.

I had the honour of having a piece that I created for the Cities and Memory -Italy project accepted!

Here is a quote from their page:

Italy is a country very close to the heart of the Cities and Memory project, and we’ve spent a number of years collecting field recordings from all over the country.

This summer, we asked dozens of artists to remix and reimagine some of the stunning soundscapes of Italy: you can explore the results on the sound map:

Here is a link to my track on Audioboom…

I chose the ski lift at Rifugio Averau to manipulate into my soundscape.

My deconstructed/reconstituted version here:

Deconstructing and rebuilding the audio yet still maintaining the feeling of travelling – was how I approached this wonderful project…

The original field recording here:

My track also on Spotify:

Image from audioboon


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