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Beyond the Border

This soundscape was created on the iPad using several apps, including: BorderlandsGranular, FieldScaper, AUFX-Dub,Space,Push, Amazing Noises (Moebius Lab, Dedalus, Reverb) added minuscule particles of grit, grime and assorted spacial artefacts via LPX for final mix.
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Boom Shankar!

Check this awesome chilled psychedelically infused dubbyness from Don Peyote!


Random Sound of the Week – The Staccato hammering of Walrus vocalisations!

The sounds of nature never cease to amaze me… I will share one of my favourite websites with you, which is one of the many great places around the internet where you can easily spend an afternoon listening these amazing sounds of nature; anything from a funky Madagascan Lemur Continue reading “Random Sound of the Week – The Staccato hammering of Walrus vocalisations!”

Dark Clouds


An experimental track created using iOS synths and drum machines, including Korg Gadget, Moog Model 15, Amazing Noise’s Dedalus and Moebius Lab,  Oscilab, Arturia iSem, Grain Science and Mitosynth amongst others!

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Sonic Sculptures by Zimoun

The almost unbearably overwhelming intensity of sounds in these sonic installations, or audio sculptures by Zimoun, is totally enthralling and immersive…. I love these!
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‘Pupate’ – Emerging from a Drone (Disquiet 0240)

This was my entry for the weekly Disquiet Junto project over at SoundCloud/
Recorded and composed entirely on the iPhone…

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