Lockdown Patchwork

I am honoured to have some of my field recordings included in an awesome artwork by Leafcutter John


I set up my microphone on a tripod in my back garden in Belfast, to record the ‘clap for NHS’ hoping to record some ships hooters and fog horns during the first lockdown due to Covid-19, in April 2020.

After setting the mic up I pressed record, after checking levels etc. then went to the front of the house to join in the show of support for all of the frontline workers… you can hear the various ways people joined in… some quite a bit before the 7pm start!

You can view and listen to John’s wonderful piece here:

Here’s a link to my submissions here:


You can listen to them in their entirety below:

The original raw 24bit 96khz wav files as well as normalised and cleaned mp3s , previewed above are available and free to use, (the original audio was pretty clean, though I had remove some loud clicks – possibly caused by the expansion of the plastic housing of the microphone, due to temperature changes – a known flaw with this budget field recording device!!)

John’s website can be found here: Leafcutter John

More information here: Lockdown Patchwork

I hope you enjoy John’s work as much as I did…. a wonderful collage of audio snapshots from the time of lockdown!

Thanks for checking this out folks!



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