Auntie G

Will Coles takes ordinary objects mixes dark humour into his concrete casts along with a dose of social commentary with rich flavours of consumerism and environmental destruction – a delicious recipe.  You will find his work all over Upfest this year.

Born in Warwickshire, Will grew up in the Suffolk countryside.  I asked him how he got into art My grandfather  (Norman Sillman) was an old school sculptor, expert in stone & wood carving, made little toy soldiers for toy companies & designed coin designs for something like 30 countries (the old £1 coins were his designs.) I always loved sculpting, always wanted to be a sculptor but I always knew I wanted to make work that connected with people, not just obscure art for the contemporary art scene.’

Over a decade ago he found his way of bypassing art galleries by mass producing concrete sculptures & installing…

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