Random Sound of the Week – The Staccato hammering of Walrus vocalisations!

The sounds of nature never cease to amaze me… I will share one of my favourite websites with you, which is one of the many great places around the internet where you can easily spend an afternoon listening these amazing sounds of nature; anything from a funky Madagascan Lemur The Indri to the more familiar sound of the Common Sparrow, the Macauley Library is one of my favourites, as it has a varied and diverse selection dating as far back as 1929 (another Sparrow!) and has some truly amazing sounds and videos.

I found these amazing sounds via the very cool Cornell University’s blog.

Don’t forget click the player below to enjoy the bizarre hammer like clicks of the Atlantic Walrus,

Some Technical info. from the page:

NOTES: Notes on paper with the recording: Atlantic Walrus vocalizations; taped Canadian High Arctic during breeding season. 9.5cm/s; stereo; vocalizations emitted at surface and under water….

Do you have any favourite nature sounds? Or did you find any interesting sounds or videos over at the Macauley Library? Feel free to drop me a comment below the post, happy treasure hunting!


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