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Imaginary Object V4

Another version testing materials.

The Corner Field

Photo edit for fun….

Full size here


Another imaginary object…

The Blue Hole

A deep space portal….

A quick doodle, created on an iPhone…. large view after the break…

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I created a piece for the 408th weekly Disquiet Junto,

Were “fritiniency” (“the chirruping sound made by birds or insects”) a musical genre or technique, what would it sound like?

It appears in the playlist below track 28 – Elytrae.

I also created the artwork, a t 3d render of a Cricket.

full size artwork here and here.

More information about this project and the Disquiet Junto after t(e jump.

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Chamber of Deep Thought

A dark and moody render;

Testing lighting and surfaces/atmooand mood.

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Imaginary Worlds – another vista

Blue Dream

A modified/processed/altered GANbreeder anomaly

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A little geometric surrealism…

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