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Primordial Fractal Planet

A fractal planet in formation….

Another World – full size here

Software used: Mandelbulber 2

Full view

Stay tuned for more of these…

Fractal Selection

Some Mandelbulb excursions…

“Infinite Realities “

Full view


“Fractal Elves” (Green)

Full view

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The Red Ring

A Terragen 4 render from a little while back… all surfaces and terrain are procedural the figure is a 3D scan from Continue reading “The Red Ring”


Rendlesham by inkydigit
Rendlesham by inkydigit


Another Sculptris sculpt… Post processed with Snapseed.

I am really enjoying this digital clay!

click image for full size view on next page

My first try with Sculptris

Reptaelian by inkydigit


‘Reptaelian’ – My first sculpted head made with Sculptris ( on my Mac, it unfortunately crashed before I could finish off the detailing, but I was quite pleased with the result, especially as I managed to render an image of it before the crash! I can see some more of these virtual clay heads and other objects appearing soon!


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