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Filigree Clouds in Black and White

Recent shot of these super Cirrus etc.!

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Tree Sprites

Tree Sprites by inkydigit

A digitally manipulated image of a pair of very tall Beech trees from the nearby park. Full size view here

Frosted leaves

Full view
Full view
Full view
Full view

Autumn Fungi

Lichen on a twig, on a wall

Lichen on a twig

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Strange Craft


Trails of Light

Using the city’s lights as my brushes and pigments – long exposure…

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Blue Poppy

An Oriental Poppy in Blue….

Papaver Orientale

Full size view here

#papaverorientale #seedhead #giantpoppy #bluemood #moodyshot #hyperprocess #bluepoppy #fromthegarden #dessicatedseedpod

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